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A Hard Money Loan and What You Can Use It For

Getting a loan is a complicated, long process. It involves a minimum credit requirement and reams of paperwork and complicated legal documents. If it is a complex loan, the process of approval takes even longer. When making large purchases, such as property or a house, it can be necessary to move quickly or the property will go to someone else. But not many have the cash money on hand to make real estate purchases and a traditional loan may take too long to process for the investment so what do you do?

A hard money loan is a loan taken out against collateral rather than based on your credit score. Where a traditional loan will base your ability to pay the loan back based on your credit history, a hard money loan requires you to put up collateral ( e.g. house, car, jewelry) and will take that collateral if the loan isn’t repaid. Hard Money Loans are mostly used for people in real estate investing or simply from those who want to buy a home or property without the credit to qualify for a traditional loan. Although hard money loans tend to have higher rates than traditional loans and put your collateral at risk depending on your ability to repay the amount, they are also faster to close than traditional loans and are more flexible in repayment options.

Located throughout California, this private loan company has a proven track record for both commercial and personal hard money loans. They will promptly reply to inquiries and have you approved for your loan within hours whether you’re refinancing your current home or investing in some real estate.


Though traditional loans have advantages, the process for applying for a loan is complicated and takes a long time to close. For those in a hurry or without the required credit history, getting approved for a loan is even more difficult. This is where California Hard Money Direct and hard money loans come in. The flexibility and different approach of a hard money loan combined with the expertise and customer service of California Hard Moeny Direct will ensure you will get your loan when you need it regardless of time restrictions or credit score.