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How Do I Find Out The Exact Colour Of My Car

Picture this scenario: It’s 12PM on a Saturday and you’re picking-up a date you met online for a nice picnic in the park. They seem like a really person and you’re super-excited. You’ve already put on some quality clothes, made sure you look great, and have pulled-out all the stops. You arriveat their house in your car that you ensured has all the trash taken out and got a good wash. They walk outside, smiling, but then that smile turns into a bit of a uneasy look. You ask what’s wrong and they say, “Well, your car kind of looks like it’s been scratched to Hell.” So much for fun picnic–and to think, this all could have been avoided if you’d retouched your car’s paint through buy some from a site like instead of making your date worry they’re going-out with a slob!

Yes, this scenario is a bit of an exaggeration, but how often do people look at someone’s car and use that to gauge what kind of person they might be spending time with? A car covered in scratches and rust inspires a lot less confidence than one that looks fresh and new. The problem can arise though that going to a car dealership or repairman/woman can be a huge pain. You have to make an appointment, sit there for hours, and put-up with them trying to sell you a bunch of extra stuff when you just want your car’s paint fixed! Therefore, it makes a lot more sense to just order the kind of paint you need to touch-up your car from a website with that right in the title–! has paints for all popular models and brands of cars. Whether you just need a small paint-pen for a minor scratch, or a whole kit for when it looks like your car got mauled by an angry bear, they’ve got you covered! Do keep in mind if you’re going to be working with paint you might want to buy a respirator (also sold by them) and don’t forget to buy some filler if you need that too. It makes zero sense to wait around for someone else to fix your car’s paint when you can easily touch it up at home in your driveway. By fixing-up your car’s paint you can guarantee your next date won’t judge you based upon a bunch of nasty scratches on your car–they’ll get to see the true you, someone who is caring, compassionate, and saved a lot of time and money getting their car paint supplies from a website like!