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How to Select a Dog Daycare Hotel in Los Angeles

If you require the services of a reputable dog daycare hotel, simply continue reading to discover a few invaluable tips to choose dog daycare in Los Angeles. As it’s important to select a facility, which your dog will love and which you can trust to take care of your dog.

Tour a variety of facilities:

In order to feel comfortable with your final choice, it’s a wise idea to tour a few different facilities. So that you’ll be able to compare the facilities which each dog daycare hotel offers. Ideally your first choice should offer plenty of space for your dog to play and run around freely. If you have a medium or large sized dog you may want to opt for dog daycare hotel which offers outdoor space.

Select a dog daycare hotel which is clean and tidy:

Also take note of which facilities are kept clean and tidy. As if a facility is well maintained, it’s highly likely that their staff members genuinely care about the dogs which they are paid to take care of. As an example, stay clear of daycare facilities where the employees fail to mop up dog pee quickly.

Select a facility which separates dogs by size or energy level:

While some dog daycare hotels let all of their dogs mix freely if you own a smaller dog or a shy dog you may you want to select a facility which separates dogs by size or energy level. In order to ensure that your dog doesn’t feel intimidated by larger or more boisterous dogs.

Opt for a dog daycare hotel which boasts a low staff to dog ratio:

If you want to ensure that your dog is well taken care of in your absence, select a daycare facility which offers a low staff to dog ratio. As the fewer dogs each staff member has to take of, the more individual attention your dog will receive. Also pay attention to how staff members interact with the dogs under their care.

Search for unbiased online reviews:

Before you make a final decision, it’s well worth searching for unbiased online reviews on each facility in your area. As disgruntled clients will be likely to voice any issues which they may have with a particular facility online. So you’ll be able to avoid sending your dog to a poorly run dog daycare hotel.

So if you’re looking for dog daycare in Los Angeles, it’s well worth using all of the valuable tips listed above to make an informed, smart decision. To ensure that you can trust the individuals who you pay to take care of your dog.